NC Teacher Who Stomped on American Flag in Class Just Got SMACKED by INSTANT Karma! (VIDEO)

The students in teacher Lee Francis’ history class will probably never forget the lesson he taught on free speech… just not in the way he probably expected.

Days ago, a photo appearing to show a teacher (later identified as the aforementioned Lee Francis)

Francis, a teacher at Massey Hill Classical High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina, was giving a lesson Monday on the First Amendment. His method? First, he tried to burn the American flag. Then he tried to cut it. Then he placed it on the floor and stepped on it.

Many, predictably, were outraged. However, Francis said he wasn’t trying to offend students, just teach them the Supreme Court ruled such acts of free expression were protected.

That sounds like a good excuse, but some of his actions make me question whether or not he’s telling the truth. According to Fox News, in a phone interview he stated

“Do I regret what I did? Absolutely not. Would I do it again? All I can say is I did it and I stand by it.”

He also said that he has obtained legal counsel.

“There were some laws broken as far as photos of me taken that violate the county’s policies – and issues that could be considered defamation of character,” he said.

Riiiiiight. So he’s all for teaching freedom of speech, but taking a photo is where he draws the line? I don’t know if I’m buying it.

Regardless, as WorldStarHipHop reported, he’s now been suspended and there’s an investigation pending. Here’s how this whole ordeal has turned out thus far:

What do you all think? If he really was teaching a lesson on the First Amendment, do you think this is an extreme way of teaching it? While I do find it distasteful, it is a reminder of the freedoms we’re afforded in America. Most people around the world don’t have the same freedom.

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