Netanyahu Pulls Out 1 Photo to HUMILIATE Obama on Facebook… And It’s Going Viral

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is none to pleased with President Obama’s actions concerning the recent resolution that passed in the United Nations stripping his nation of their sovereign land in the West Bank. He has taken to social media and the internet to express is disgust in what was supposed to be his greatest ally.

The Security Council of the United Nations passed a resolution that castigated Israel for their occupation of Eastern Jerusalem and the West Bank. As a result of the resolution the Prime Minister has placed a high level national security alert for his country out of fear of Palestinian terrorist attacks of citizens looking to claim what they believe is now their land.

On Facebook Netanyahu posted the following picture with this statement,

The difference between 2008 President Obama and the 2016 President Obama is now he has no elections to win so he does not care about public opinion or the perception he gives off to other countries and the media. He does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, without a care to the consequences long term.

Watch President-Elect Donald Trump’s reaction to the resolution,

In Donald Trump not only will the country have an amazingly strong leader but Israel will have a loyal ally who is willing to stand by them. Trump’s comments prove just that. What President Obama did by turning his back on our ally was disgraceful. The entire international community took notice.

It will make the rest of our allies question whether they have a good relationship with us or not and whether they can trust us. What the outgoing President did was put all of our relationships with our freedom loving allies in jeopardy. Just prior to a presidential transition no less. It was completely unprofessional and dangerous to say the least.

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