This New Attraction Will Have Liberals FIRED UP Nation Wide


The new attraction that is opening near Orlando on December 20 is sure to get liberals all fired up.

Machine Gun America is an attraction that allows children as young as 13 to fire military-grade weapons. It has been determined to be Orlando’s “first automatic adrenaline attraction.”

According to Orlando Weekly, The park includes several “gun themed” scenarios.

“[Y]ou can pretend to be a soldier and shoot military-grade firearms, because we guess the regular old kind you usually shoot are not big and loud enough. Or you can pretend to be running from zombies during a zombie apocalypse. Or you can live out your Wild West fantasy, with a shootout scenario that’s Western-themed (did they even have machine guns in the Wild West?). You can also take part in the Big Screen Legends scenario, in which you get to relive your favorite movie scenes involving guns.”

This new all-American attraction could be considered the greatest theme park to date. It allows children – or adults – to not only become familiar with weapons, but to be able to take part in an experience that most parks cannot offer.

This New Attraction Will Have Liberals FIRED UP Nation Wide

Of course, there are specific safety rules that must be followed within the park. For example, you aren’t allowed to bring your own guns or ammo to the park, since it is not a firing range. For obvious safety reasons, there will be no alcohol sold, not only to keep everyone safe, but to keep the park in business and bothering liberals for as long as possible.

As reported by Mail Online, the park already has “been criticized (sic) for operating in an area that is historically family-friendly.” Bruce Nierenberg, General Manager, defends the new park, explaining, “No one ever shoots by themselves, and no guest is ever in control of the weapon without a range safety officer next to them and participating with them.” This is understandable, knowing that they are holding a powerful piece of equipment without any proper training and should have a safety officer observing the user.

This New Attraction Will Have Liberals FIRED UP Nation Wide

Machine Gun America is sure to be a new hit for all visitors within the Orlando region. Will it be one of your stops when traveling in the area? Let us know in the comments.

Courtesy of Mad World News

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