It’s a bad day for drug-using, welfare recipients in parts of Michigan.

No longer will they be using taxpayer dollars to fund their habits.

This thanks to a recently passed bill that allows the state to drug test recipients of state welfare programs.

Take a wild guess as to who else is freaking out? Liberals.

The bill was passed 26-10 in the Michigan state legislature thanks to a strong conservative backing, with a copy of it sitting on Governor Rick Snyder’s desk at this very moment.

The new program will be conducted on a trial basis in several Michigan counties.

It’s a “suspicion-based” program that allows state officials to drug test those that they suspect are using their EBT cards for drugs instead of food. (H/T RightWingNews)

If those mandated to drug tests fail, their benefits will immediately be revoked and restrictions will be placed on their future eligibility, including the requirement to test clean among other things.

Should anyone be flagged for testing and decline the test, they’re automatically ineligible for welfare benefits for six months.

One bonus for addicts is that the first time they return a “dirty” test, the state will offer treatment, which is a good move on the state’s part – it gives those who sincerely seek help for their addiction a chance to take a new path.

Whether or not those who fail tests multiple times will be given another chance down the road is not known at this time.

The state of Michigan has approximately 1.3 million food stamp recipients.

So what’s the gripe from the liberal’s camp on this one?

They say drug-testing for welfare benefits “singles out and targets the poor.”

We say it singles out and targets those who are taking advantage of the system.

Their time is up. No more drugs, tattoos and bling.

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