Last week, two members of the New Black Panthers activist group were arrested in a federal sting after they attempted to purchase firearms illegally, and it turns out there was much more to their plot.

According to St. Louis Today, the two men indicted on federal weapons charges also planned to bomb the Gateway Arch and assassinate St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch and Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson, but apparently they had a small issue with financing.

New Black Panthers’ Assassination Plot of Ferguson Officials Foiled by EBT Card

The sources said that law enforcement was uncertain if the men had the capability to carry out their plans, which included placing a bomb in the observation deck of the arch. They also weren’t clear on how they would have gotten a bomb past the airport-style security check at the base.

The men’s indictment came on Nov. 19, but didn’t include the bombing plot or assassination plans. However, the sources said that additional charging are expected to be filed, which will reflect the sinister plans.

In a statement on its website, the New Black Panthers distanced themselves from the two men while calling the charges “baseless” and “trumped up,” blaming “right-wing” media outlets for spreading a “BOLD FACED LIE.” They also attempted to downplay the possibility that any of their members would resort to violent tactics to make a political statement.

The New Black Panther Party, does not  teach, endorse, or allow its members to commit acts of violence against anyone regardless to the circumstance, unless in imminent danger according to the rules of Self-Defense.

Unfortunately, we still remember the 2008 elections, where members of the party used threats and intimidation outside of polling locations to attempt to sway voters.

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