BREAKING: New Conservative News Network Forming, Look Which Reporters They Are Reportedly Seeking Out

It’s finally happening. After four long years of slowly watching The Fox News Network turn more and more to the left, conservatives can finally rejoice and take solace in the fact that the Roger Ailes and crew from the old and great Fox News Network we have all looked to for fair and balanced news finally have awoken and are in negotiations to form their own conservative news outlet. One without the influence of founder and current owner Pro-Hillary Roger Murdock, his liberal sons, nor their feminist wives.

If you can all recall right after the 2012 election where then-Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, along with the help of Democrat Party paid media hacks like the morbidly obese CNN correspondent Candy Crawly, choked his way to a stunning defeat even though President Obama was largely unpopular. In the days following that election, it was reported that Fox News Super Star Sean Hannity was being bumped to an hour later to a pre-recorded time slot. The change was being made to make room for the closet leftist Megyn Kelly.

Kelly started off great but later cut her hair to resemble the little guy from MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, and it all went downhill from there. She showed her true colors by acting like a star struck Teeny Bopper meeting her first celebrity crush during her first White House Christmas dinner under then President Obama and by attacking then-candidate Trump while hosting the first Republican primary debate. After this, her ratings plummeted and she now has a new show on MSNBC.

Mediate Reports:

A well-placed source close to the proposal tells Mediaite that serious discussions are underway to create an alternative conservative cable network on the belief that the Fox News Network is moving too far to the left. The source, who is engaged in the talks, says a meeting is planned for today with two prominent high-powered television executives, some underperforming conservative networks and people who have an interest and the ability to fund a new network.

“The potential aim? Putting “the old band” back together. There are certainly plenty of (out-of-work?) conservative powerhouses to pick from that could star on a new network, and perhaps even some executives from within Fox News who might be lured by the new opportunity. Could the new channel include stars like the ousted Bill O’Reilly, who didn’t waste much time hitting the podcast waves after he was fired amid a sexual harassment scandal? Could Tomi Lahren, the conservative mega star, who was recently sidelined at The Blaze also take on a prominent role? The exact “who” won’t be clear until the deal is more defined but the source says the pitch is that the network could immediately reach at least 85 million homes.

And via Politico:

For the 89 percent of Republican voters who cast ballots for Trump, their backing represented a departure from many of the principles that have animated the American conservative movement for six decades. Today, those voters remain broadly supportive of the president personally, and as a result, insiders say, the conservative media have been increasingly pulled by a tractor beam that demands positive coverage of the president regardless of how far he wanders from the ideas they once enforced. Producers and editors have been faced with a choice: Provide that coverage or lose your audience…

Over the course of the campaign and into the beginning of his presidency, anti-Trump voices slowly receded from Fox’s air, while those favorable to him began to appear more often. This has been most evident in the transformation of the panel segment on Baier’s 6 p.m. newscast, “Special Report,” once the premier venue for conservative thought on television. As the political reality on the right shifted, Baier made an effort to include more pro-Trump voices on the panel. Trump critic Jonah Goldberg of National Review and Weekly Standard editor Stephen Hayes, once fixtures on the panel, began to appear less frequently; the network also declined to renew the contract of George Will, another panelist, and a reliable Trump critic. Trump-friendly pundits like Washington Times columnist Charles Hurt, American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp and his wife, Mercedes, and Republican strategist Lisa Boothe now appear in their stead. In late March, Fox announced it had signed the Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway, a reliably pro-Trump commentator, as a contributor.”

Sadly it seems all this shedding of pro-Trump voices at Fox News came to a fever pitch when Fox News Superstar, and most watch cable news show, of over 20 years, Bill O’Reilly, was fired this past month. He was let go because of unproven allegations of sexual harassment.

We know the drill. When a Democrat is accused he is “innocent until proven guilty,” but for conservatives, it’s “guilty until proven innocent but the the doubt will still linger for life.” We know, we know. Whatever happens, one thing’s for sure, next book Bill O’Reilly writes will be called “Killing Fox News.”

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Al ran for the California State Assembly in his home district in 2010 and garnered more votes than any other Republican since 1984. He’s worked on multiple political campaigns and was communications director for the Ron Nehring for California Lt. Governor campaign during the primaries in 2014. He has also held multiple positions within his local Republican Central Committee including Secretary, and Vice President of his local California Republican Assembly chapter. While also being an ongoing delegate to the California Republican Party for almost a decade.

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