NEW DAMNING REPORT! FBI Aggressively Investigating Hillary’s Pay To Play; SHE’S DONE! (VIDEO)

Conservatives are elated all over about the fact that FBI Director James Comey reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server controversy. Especially considering the effect that it might have on the election. Sean Hannity was on Fox News where he reported that there were avalanches of new information coming in every day that were important to the Clinton’s federal investigation about the misconduct of mishandling classified information.

Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News too said to Hannity on his show,

“It’s time for a grand jury– time for Loretta Lynch to allow [Director] James Comey and the FBI to get this evidence before a grand jury. This thing has been going on the whole year…four [FBI field] offices continue to investigate. This woman [Clinton] should have been indicted a year ago…this is classic RICO corruption–go to jail!”

Pirro accused Hillary Clinton of selling America’s national security and protection for her own enrichment, an obvious dig at her handling of classified information in a negligent way and her pay to play antics. The former judge had some harsh words for the high profile political family,

“These people are grifters–they’ve been grifters since they got on the scene.”


Clearly the conservative news pundit is not a fan and rightfully so considering her own law enforcement and justice background. However, considering the general election is less than a week away it is not at all likely that any of this talk with have any effect. As the saying goes, teflon Hillary gets away with everything. And she always does. She is never held accountable for her behavior. The FBI did not, Obama did not, her supporters do not and the American people will likely not.

Her loyal pions are as loyal as they come and that will not change no matter how many crimes she commits.

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