NEW: Definitive Proof That Keith Scott Had A Gun (VIDEO)

The death of Keith Scott has fueled rioting in Charlotte the past week, and rioters say it won’t end until a list of (laughable) demands they issued is met. Their demands essentially demand that the National Guard leaves their city, and that the police’s budget in Charlotte in cut drastically. In other words, they’re rioting and won’t stop until barriers to their riots are removed… or so they say.

The riots in Charlotte are an obvious case of people using any excuse possible to riot. According to Zero Hedge, over 70% of those arrested don’t even live in North Carolina, let alone Charlotte. Being are entering the city from out of state to do nothing more than destroy it. And for what? This is hardly the case of a racist police officer shooting an unarmed black man (like we all know Black Lives Matter wishes it was).

Keith Scott was shot by a black police officer after being demanded a handful of times to drop a gun. Scott’s family maintains that he was shot while reading a book. It’s hard to believe that police officers of all people would confuse a book for a gun.

And guess what? He really did have a gun. As Red State Watcher reported:

The Shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina sprung massive protests and riots for days. Even after police body camera footage was released the debate over whether Scott had a gun continued with numerous people speculating that the police planted the fun. A new blown up photo taken from a still shot of the police body cam has emerged and it is clear that Scott is holding a handgun at his side before his final fatal moments.


One Twitter user replied, sarcastically, “Well of course not. I’m sure the police planted that gun in his hand and that holster on his ankle.” He was joking, but how much do you want to bet some liberals find that more believable than the official story?

Here’s a compilation of the three videos of the shooting that are available, one from Scott’s wife, and the others from the police dashcam and bodycam footage.

Case closed, right? For those who care about facts, the debate is over. For those currently burning Charlotte to the ground? For them, reality is optional.

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