NEW EVIDENCE Surrounding Tarmac Meeting Between Lynch & Clinton – HILLARY EXPOSED!

Attorney General Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton on the tarmac of the Phoenix Airport in June of 2016. This became a huge scandal in relation to the POTUS election of 2016 because the Justice Department was knee deep in Hillary Clinton investigations and James Comey closed that investigation shortly after the meeting. Of course, theorists AND realists point that in one direction – that the meeting resulted in one of those backdoor handshake deals which lead to Comey closing the investigation that so many people eagerly awaited the results of.

Then comes Obama who stepped in to be a distraction and redirection from the investigation.

Lynch tried saying the meeting with Bill Clinton was so they could swap stories about their grandchildren. We know that’s BS. Talking about grand-kids can be done on the phone, text, email, Skype, Facebook live, etc. No one has a secret meeting in an airplane to talk about their grandchildren for 20 minutes.

That phone call should’ve went like this “Hey Loretta, want to meet on a plane for a few moments to chat about our kids kids?” and she would say “Why don’t we talk about them now since we’re already on the phone?”

Something else was discussed that day. Everyone knows it. It was something that Bill and Loretta didn’t want anyone to know about. They discussed top secret information or they were hooking up.

That’s the only two answers I will accept.

Watch this video and let us know in the comments if you agree with it.

I have the Truth reports: According to National Review, the Obama administration had to intervene in the investigation into Hillary because Obama himself was also guilty – a fact they were unwilling to let the public get ahold of. Hillary and Obama had both exchanged classified information over her private server. If she went down, Obama would have to go down, too.

There was so much evidence against Hillary that it seems ludicrous she isn’t in prison right now, and Americans were rightfully outraged when she was not charged with a crime. However, the explanation behind why her email scandal shook out the way it did is pretty simple: Hillary was never brought to justice because President Obama would have been exposed.

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