New GOP Congress Delivers Some EPIC Bad News to Michelle’s Lunch Rules


This could turn into the most epic food fight of all time.

The new GOP-controlled 114th Congress may make repealing Michelle Obama’s signature Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act one of their first priorities when they take control of both chambers of the legislature in January.

And while I’d be among the first to argue that Congress has other issues in front of it that should take priority over school lunches, I’ll also loudly applaud any effort to rein in the ridiculous and unconstitutional federal overreach that has become an epidemic under President Barack Obama.

That includes Michille Obama’s attempt to address childhood obesity through federal regulation of what children can buy and eat on school property.

Opposition to the new program has grown as it took full effect this school year. Students have launched social media campaigns deriding the tiny portions, tasteless offerings and lack of variety.

Many school districts have withdrawn from the program, abandoning the federal funds that come with it, because students refuse to purchase the unappetizing lunches or throw them away.

Some schools in poorer areas where students have less choice have been forced to remain in the program — meaning that poor students, who rely more than anyone else on school lunches for nutrition and calories, are going hungry under the first lady’s guidelines.

The School Nutrition Association, a lobbying group that once approved the program, has reversed its position in light of the enormous costs and waste associated with it, according to Newsmax.

As usual, while Democrats will continue to give lip service to taking care of the poor, it will require Republican control of Congress to actually do anything about it.

The real question for the conservatives will be whether the GOP axes the program completely and returns control of nutritional standards to states, communities and parents — where it belongs — or replaces it with some other example of federal overreach that merely relaxes the standards but leaves them in federal hands.

Voters will be watching.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune 

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