New Info Revealed About ‘8th Terrorist’ Involved in Paris Attacks—And Boy, Is It Scandalous


From IJReview: This is 26-year-old jihadist Salah Abdeslam, who currently remains on the run after the attacks that killed 130 people and injured 350 in Paris.

Currently, police are figuring out exactly what role Abdeslam played in the attacks.

Authorities have determined that he was either a driver or shooter in the carefully planned massacre, which took place in restaurants, a concert hall, and the French national stadium with the help of at least six other extremists.

They’ve also learned about some of Abdeslam’s preferences, and boy, do they not stack up with Islamic teachings.

The Sunday Times of London reports that:

  • Abdeslam was a regular at a gay bar in Brussels.
  • That gay bar was located in a poor suburban area and owned by his terrorist brother Brahim.
  • He was often seen drinking and smoking the day away.
  • Abdeslam loved Playstation.
  • He spent much of his time at the bar playing video games when he wasn’t flirting with men.

According to a bartender named Julien:

“We had him down as a rent boy.”

A ‘rent boy’ refers to a male escort or gigolo.

As you can imagine, Abdeslam’s alleged lifestyle makes him far from a role model for what his ISIS extremists brothers believe in.

The terror group is known for brutally punishing homosexuality. Reports have shown that the group has thrown people off buildings and stoned them to death for homosexual acts.

Not only that, but just getting caught drinking will get someone 80 lashes in a public square, and if caught smoking, a person can wind up in a cage for two days.

Abdeslam still remains on the run, and police suspect that he currently resides in Belgium, but is wearing a disguise and going by a different name:

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 7.56.37 AMImage Credit: Twitter/Metro

As a precautionary measure, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has put Brussels on security lockdown since Saturday.

Prime Minister Michel has closed the metro system, canceled concerts, postponed soccer games and is telling locals to stay out of crowds amid fears of a “serious and imminent” terror attack:

“We are talking about the threat that several individuals with arms and explosives would launch an attack perhaps in several locations at the same time.”

Officials say that Abdeslam was actually stopped while crossing into the Belgian border, but was allowed to pass through after officials didn’t identify him.

The infamous ‘8th terrorist’ has since disappeared.

Authorities are currently on high alert while searching for him.


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