NEW INFORMATION: Florida Georgia Line Band BUSTED Lying To Fans About Anti-Police Statements!


There’s a country band named Florida Georgia Line and they allegedly didn’t want any police present at their so-called concert. New information is available and now it seems what they said about police is even worse than expected.

Blue Lives Matter – Country music group Florida Georgia Line came under intense scrutiny this past weekend when a Facebook post appeared from a man named Kenneth Lee, who claimed to have worked the Country Thunder Festival at which the group performed. The Facebook post read: “Feeling very disappointed. I’m working at country thunder and one of the bands that I enjoy listening to, Florida Georgia Line, has requested a zero police presence during their concert tonight. Apparently, they don’t trust the police and have taken the anti-police stance in line with the scum that has been killing police officers all over the country.”

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth stated that he, “never found out why the band’s agent made this request” and he, “was a little taken back by the request.”

Now the band is trying to say that they didn’t need any MORE police present backstage or anywhere else. They’re trying to say that they already had enough security and didn’t need extra.

This sounds like they’re changing their words around. Why would they do that? Because people who like country music also like police. Because the good people of America loves their police force, and when someone talks bad about them, we get annoyed.

The band faced backlash and scrutiny for looking like they were anti-police.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have not ever heard of this band until now. If this was a publicity stunt, then good job, because now everyone knows who they are.

Except it’s not a great job because now they look like they’re anti-police and I won’t be purchasing their music no matter what.

Good day sir, you lose.


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