A New Lawsuit Filed Against Loretta Lynch

Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m watching the 2016 election or an episode of House of Cards.

As damning information keeps coming out over the criminal actions of Hillary Clinton and those she surrounds herself with, it’s hard to not believe we’re not watching a drama. We all knew that she was this corrupt, it’s just incredible to see firsthand.

Speaking of a house of cards – Hillary’s is coming crashing down. Little did we know, the FBI has also been investigating the Clinton Foundation for the past year, but you likely didn’t see that in the news. Just yesterday we learned that an indictment is likely as a result of that investigation.

It’s the first Presidential election where one candidate’s greatest fear isn’t her opponent – it’s the justice system. And while Hillary Clinton goes down, she’s taking down her cronies with her.

The latest target? Loretta Lynch.

As Red State Watcher reported:

The ACLJ is filing a lawsuit against Loretta Lynch inquiring details about her meeting with Bill Clinton. The Daily Mail reported: Attorney General Loretta Lynch is facing a federal lawsuit to give details of a meeting she had with Bill Clinton days before she was to decide on his wife’s fate. The meeting in June was barely a week before the Justice Department which she heads dropped its probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) filed the lawsuit against the Department of Justice in Washington on Wednesday demanding more information about the meeting, which led to Lynch stepping aside from the server investigation. As head of the Department of Justice, Lynch was supposed to be deciding whether to proceed with charging Hillary Clinton over her unauthorized server arrangements while she was secretary of state. But she met with the Democrat’s husband on June 27 on the tarmac of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport, Arizona. Bill Clinton delayed his flight’s departure in order to grab face time with Lynch.


For anyone who doesn’t remember, Lynch had a private meeting with Bill Clinton less than a week before the FBI let Hillary off the hook. If it wasn’t for a journalist at the airport where the meeting took place getting a lucky tip, the public would’ve never known of the meeting.

Originally, Lynch defended herself by stating that the meeting was coincidental, and they only talked about their grandchildren, not politics. It later turned out that the two had planned the meeting – and that it went on for a half hour.

They either had a lot to talk about regarding their grandkids – or were talking about anything but. I think we all know what’s more likely.



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