SICK New Option Appears On Oregon Driver’s Licenses That Just Made It MUCH More Dangerous To Drive There

Watch out if you’re driving in Oregon because you might come across one of those mentally unstable folks who can’t figure out their own gender. Oregon now allows people to chose their gender on their driver’s license. Usually it’s male or female, but now you can identify as “non-binary” which, in normal people language, means borderline retarded, mentally ill, and extremely confused.

Folks in Oregon can now choose “X” instead of male or female so they hide their true biologically given gender. Liberal lefties will call this “progress” but I call it unbelievably stupid and a horribly misguided way to push future drivers into a mentally unstable state of confusion.

If THAT is what we call progress, then so help our planet. We are doomed faster than we think. I thought that Earth might explode in a million years or so, but maybe we reach that point a lot faster considering the amount of lizard people who can’t figure out their own gender. If I was a cop, then I would arrest every one of these idiots every time and strip search them for drugs and that’s where I would reveal their true gender!

Via Breitbart:

A court in Oregon is allowing a man named Jamie Schupe, who was living as a woman, to be legally recognized as neither man or woman but what is called “gender non-binary”, that is, neither male or female.

It is thought to be the first such ruling in the country.

Schupe, born male, spent many years in the US Army, rising to the rank of sergeant. He says he suffered from gender dysphoria, a new classification of mental disorder that describes an unhappiness with the sex one is “assigned” — the term advocates use — at birth.

Schupe thought he was a woman so he announced that he was and upon retirement from the Army in 2013 began his “transition.” So he holed up in a cabin in the woods and began taking hormones. Pictures from three years ago show what looks like a burly man with what looks like a wig.

God help Oregon.

Authorities in Oregon have introduced a third option of “non-binary” to its driver’s licenses, becoming the first state to provide more than two genders on an official identification document.

Instead of identifying themselves as either male or female, residents who determine themselves to be “non-binary” will now have the option to choose the letter X to avoid revealing their biological gender.

This is pathetic. We are born as one or the other. We can decide how to act and dress, but we cannot decide what we scientifically are. I was born with a penis and there is no way possible that I could ever tell someone I was female. I could wear a wig, fancy dress, and stumble around in high heels right now (I bet you’d like that), but that wouldn’t make me a woman. I’m allowed to dress like one, but I’m not one. I won’t ever be one. Not after a million surgeries will I ever truly be a woman.

Oregon’s Driver and Motor Vehicle Services said it introduced the practice after a judge in Oregon ruled last year that veteran Jamie Shupe, who had been living as a woman, could be legally recognized as neither man nor woman but instead as “gender non-binary,” becoming the first person in the United States to do so.

Nasty. Jamie Shupe is a man. Stop acting stupid, folks.

Shupe told NBC News that he and his partner watched on live-stream as transportation officials took a vote on the matter, describing it as a “highly emotional” moment.

“It was highly emotional. Me and Sandy watched it on YouTube, the whole time the two of us tightly clinging to each other, and crying. I keep drying them, but the tears keep coming,” he said.

Last week, Washington, DC, became the first jurisdiction to offer a gender-neutral driver’s license, and lawmakers in California and New York are drawing up similar legislation.

I’m so thankful that I’m not poisoned with this horrible sickness where I want to be the other sex. It must suck to live life as someone mentally conditioned or distraught enough to think they should be the opposite sex. We should think of ways to help these people instead of passing laws or bills to encourage that liberal behavior.

It’s fine if people want to play dress up or act like the other sex, but we don’t need the country to pass laws or change drivers licenses in order to play some overly accepting game with these folks. Let’s all be honest for one second – we’re glad they’re happy, but they don’t need laws or things changed for them because scientifically they are NOT the other gender.

You can act like a woman all you want, but if you can fill a woman with sperm and get her pregnant, then you’re certainly not a woman. You can act like a man all you want, but if you can get pregnant and were born with female reproductive system, then you’re not a man and you won’t ever truly be one.

There’s a few incidents where people have taken so many drugs to become the other sex and you can’t really tell what they are, but those people are rare…and creepy.

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