New Patriotism Trend Says A Lot About Where America Could Be Headed


A decade ago over 2/3rd’s of Americans use to say they were extremely proud to be American. In a decade much has changed… Welfare has jumped up to over 35%, the typical American says they don’t trust their own government and the world no longer respects/fears the United States (resulting in an increase in terrorist acts en masse all over the globe). That’s a pretty big fall in just 10 years. So if you were asked today… How proud are you to be an American? What would your answer be?

This year those saying they are “extremely proud” to be an American has fallen to 52 percent. It’s a new low in Gallup’s annual polling of American patriotism. According to the Washington Times, Gallup says the decline is “likely related to broader dissatisfaction with the way things are going in the U.S.” This year’s result plummeted from the 69 percent who said they were “extremely proud” to be an American only 12 years ago.

What does it mean to be American? Do government programs and government officials define us? If so we have plenty to be ashamed of which is why a non-political Presidential candidate seems to be thriving. I’m plenty frustrated with the new culture of American’s ‘no-can-do-attitude’ and I-deserve-a-reward-even-though-I-haven’t-done-anything people walking around. Frankly those type of people embarrass me. But do their terrible attitudes and loser mentalities define what ‘American’ means to the individual? Our economy is in a coma and our military is in a shambles… but do those things define ‘American’?

Why is it that the most patriotic are those who identified as Republicans (full 68 percent said they were “extremely proud” to be American)? People who claimed they were politically independent or registered as a Democrat, 44 and 45 percent respectively said they were extremely proud to be Americans. The patriotism gap is widening, Gallup noted. “As a result of Republicans’ still-elevated percentage, the 23-percentage point Republican-Democratic gap in patriotism is now roughly double what it was in January 2001,” Gallup said. Why are Republicans increasing in their ‘patriotism’ while other groups seem to be waning?

Ironically the things that Independents and Democrats are working hardest to change and are WINNING at those endeavors seems to be the things that are bringing them further away from being proud. We currently have more government funding than ever and the Department of Education is paying even more per child than ever before and the military has shrunk incredibly— yet they are less proud than they were when Republican Presidents were in power.

So, as the country lurches leftward with liberals gaining new “rights” for LGBTs and transgenders, with religious liberty being steadily eroded, with taxes continuing to rise and government spending at all time highs, with liberals getting nearly everything they want, young liberals in particular are even less patriotic than in years past.

“[T]he trends in patriotism among young adults could be evidence that those in the millennial generation are less patriotic than young adults in generations that preceded them,” Gallup said. “And that generational change may help explain why there has been further decline in patriotism among all U.S. adults over the last three years.”

I AM very proud to be born American. I love the United States and what she stands for and what she has accomplished in the past. I love that America has taught me that I can do anything and be anyone if I work at it. I love that America is the standard of Liberty and beacon of light to the world. I pray that the citizens of this nation will read and understand our founding documents and gain the vision of America like I a few others have gained.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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