New Veteran Charity Cuts Out The Middle Man, Helps Wounded Warriors Directly.

Testing out my new Action Track chair that White Heart donated

I was contacted out of the blue by a group called White Heart, I think their first words were “hey would you like a track wheelchair that goes off-road?”  I looked into what this group was doing, although relatively new, they had a solid record for helping veterans do some pretty big projects and their business model was unique in  way that allowed donors to choose the veteran they want to give to, this seemed like the first of its kind.

As the months passed White Heart followed through on their promise. In June I received a phone call from Action Track Chair saying I would be getting a brand new tank like off-road wheelchair for absolutely no cost and weeks later it was delivered!

This is such an awesome gift, and many other wounded warriors have been able to get these as well. Most people who don’t understand what its like to be severely disabled, and take for granted the little things that we cannot do anymore.  Since relocating to Florida over the summer I haven’t been able to easily access the beach, my prosthetic legs don’t work in the sand, and my regular wheelchair get’s stuck. This truly gives me the mobility to do something that I couldn’t do until now and it was all made possible due to White Heart and the generous donors.

Thank you all for taking care of wounded warriors and it’s an honor to have a charity like White Heart in our corner.  I ask anyone reading this to checkout what White Heart has done for others and share this story so they can continue helping more wounded warriors.

These thing retail for around $15,000 so this is no easy task for White Heart to get one, think about them next time you decide to donate.

No limits with this chair.

From White Heart:

The big thing we are giving people is the ability to give your donation straight to a soldier’s campaign and not to some non-profit’s overhead.

Many people think that when charities spend 95% of their funds on programs, that means “direct benefit” – but as we both know, it really means whatever the cost is to run that program.  The charity has overhead, and then the program has its own overhead (which is calculated in with program costs).  Therefore there is little transparency with military charities.

Why would anyone ever give to another military nonprofit again if they knew that they could give directly to a soldier’s cause. Credit card companies will take out a few pennies on the dollar for transaction fees, but White Heart takes nothing.  And if we can get campaigns sponsored, we could even cover the credit card fees.
This is how we work:

The traditional charity model is far outdated.  If this catches on it can be the most efficient way to support our wounded warriors.

There are people who run marathons to raise money for XYZ Military Charity but now that you have the option to choose a wounded warrior on our site and run the marathon for him/her and know that that’s where your funds en up – there really isn’t a reason not to.

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