Newborn Baby Girl Bludgeoned To Death And Left Outside Apartment In Chicago


#BlackLivesMatter right? only thugs lives matter apparently…

BREAKING911: A baby girl whose bludgeoned body was found outside of a Chicago apartment building was beaten to death, police have confirmed.

A man visiting his girlfriend was shocked to see the child in the middle of a fall storm outside of the 800 block of West Eastwood Avenue. CBS reports that that man thought the baby was a naked doll at first and was horrified to discover it was the corpse of a new-born.

The man rushed the baby, whose umbilical cord was still attached, inside of the apartment complex and called 911.


The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office said on Thursday that the baby died of multiple blunt force injuries and that the case is considered a homicide.

Police gained access to surveillance footage outside of the building but the cameras did not capture a photo of the person who left the baby on the street.

The identity of the baby ad her parents are unknown at this time.

CBS spoke with Dawn Geras of the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation who said that the child’s death could have been prevented had the mother taken her to a safe haven or a hospital.

‘They really, really can walk into a safe haven, a hospital, police, or fire station, they can hand over their baby to somebody and walk away,’ she said.

‘They’ll be safe and the baby will be adopted and loved and cherished forever,’ she added.


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