News Anchor DESTROYS Beyonce, Then Liberals Respond And Do This To Her! VIDEO!

via Young Cons: Conservative superstar Tomi Lahren is growing more and more popular by the day because America is desperately looking for someone who will give it to them straight.

Tomi obliterated Beyonce for her half-time dance show racist butt-shaking routine.

Boom goes the dynamite! Am I right?

Because Tomi dared speak the truth the “tolerant liberals” have responded exactly like you would expect. Tomi says, “They are calling for me to be dragged down the street and raped by black men.”

Conservatives are interested in having a conversation about the best ways to help all Americans regardless of their race.

Liberals are interested in turning the Super Bowl into a racist and anti-cop political movement. Just like they are interested in telling Ms. Lahren – and many other conservative women – “If you don’t agree, well then we think you deserve to be raped.” God bless you Tomi for standing for truth, we got your back. Make sure to like her on Facebook.

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