Newt Gingrich Just Answered Trump’s Call! What He Said Will BURN The Media DOWN – WATCH!

Newt Gingrich appeared on the news to support Donald Trump. He is after all one of the better known conservative pundits who supports the Republican presidential nominee. According to the former speaker he argues that if Donald Trump is losing the race it is because of the unfair news coverage of Hillary Clinton by the liberal mainstream media. Which is not a far stretch.

Ever since the 2005 Access Hollywood video of him was released which showed him making vulgar and lewd comments about women Trump’s poll numbers have been drastically decreasing. Shortly after the media attached him for allegedly assaulting eight women who had all come forward shortly after where they accused him of groping them. His numbers continued to fall.

Watch Newt Gingrich’s response here,

Gingrich’s claims are not that surprising considering how the Wikileaks released emails show collusion between Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee as well as numerous media outlets such as Reuters and Politico. What the media has done is nothing short of propaganda.

Gingrich said,

“The news media’s one-sidedness is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime, and I’m old enough that’s a fairly long statement.”

The former speaker discussed how the election is rigged because of the media due in part to the fact that 25 minutes of the news last Friday was spent discussing Donald Trump’s 2005 Access Hollywood tape while less than a minutes was spent on the Wikileaks release of Clinton’s emails. He also discussed how there should be monitoring at the precent level because there is voter fraud. He even pointed to Richard Nixon who had two states stolen from him due to voter fraud.

Considering how much voter fraud has taken place in the past it is not shocking to think that this could happen again in this election.

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