BREAKING: Newt Gingrich Drops NUCLEAR BOMB About Trump Scandal That No One Saw Coming

Donald Trump has many people willing to throw him under the bus but he does have some defenders. His Vice President has always been quick to his defense. Every Democrat under the sun has always been quick to criticize.

Now Director of the FBI James Comey stabbed him in the back when he testified before Congress there was no evidence he was wiretapped.

But former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich came to his defense. Along with Chairman Nunes who confirmed he was surveilled. Gingrich appeared on Fox News for an interview and he confirmed that the Deep State is predominantly made up of career bureaucrats appointed during the Obama administration.

One donated money to the Clinton campaign. Gingrich said the following during his interview,

They’re deliberately trying to sabotage the Trump administration, something which is going on today. Remember, 97% of donations given by Justice Department employees went to Hillary Clinton. Ninety-Seven percent. So who do you think their bias is in favor of? I think it’s just an objective reality that you have a Deep State, that that Deep State is permanent, long term, career bureaucrats, and they will do almost anything, including breaking the law, to try to undermine the Trump administration.”

The bias against Donald Trump has always been strikingly obvious. Whether it was within his own party or from the Democrats. The system was rigged against him and the only way he was able to beat the establishment was by being independently wealthy enough to pay for his own campaign.

People who have the ability to make great change are the ones who are always stifled. But the President refused to let anybody do that to him. Even a former Speaker of the House, an establishment guy, and position admitted that all these agencies are working against the President and not with him. If he is able to admit that of all people it is in all likelihood true.

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