Newt Throws BRUTAL Truth Bomb At GOP Leaders Who Skipped RNC

Could the establishment hacks be a bigger group of sore losers?

Think back to the first Republican debate, where all the candidates were asked if they would pledge their support to the eventual Republican nominee, whoever it might be. Donald Trump was the only one who said he wouldn’t – which prompted some boos from the audience.

Trump is now the nominee, and look what did happen. John Kasich, Jeb! Bush, and Marco Rubio broke their pledge, and refuse to endorse Trump. I guess the take-downs they all suffered from Trump changed their minds a bit.


The next stunt from the establishment hacks is skipping the Republican National Convention. And for them, Newt Gingrich has some strong words.

Via The Federalist Papers

Some former Republican Presidential candidates are “sore losers.”

So said former Republican Speaker of the House and Presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, in an interview Monday morning following a speaking engagement at a GOP breakfast.

It’s no secret that many of them are doing so because Donald Trump is the nominee.

In a Monday morning ABC interview, the ever outspoken Gingrich said the Bushes “are behaving childishly” and said they should “get over it.”

“You have a handful of people who are sort of sore losers,” Gingrich said. “Jeb Bush lost so the family doesn’t want to show up.”

He also criticized former governor George Pataki and Governor Kasich for not attending.

“It’s amazing how many of these folks that John Kasich lost,” he told reporters Monday. “It’s amazing, I’ve never seen so many bad losers. I’m not impressed.”

Think about it – these are all Republicans who would rather Hillary Clinton be the President than Donald Trump. There’s no Republican establishment or Democrat establishment. There’s just an establishment.


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