NFL Execs Just Dropped Atom Bomb On NAACP On Day 2 Of Obnoxious Riots Outside Their Headquarters

Ah, the saga of Colin Kaepernick is still making headlines in the news, but he’s still without job. The anti-American mediocre quarterback can’t seem to get a job after becoming a free agent this past March. Instead of Kaepernick taking a hard look at himself for his unemployment he and his Muslim girlfriend Nessa Diab have been blaming “racism” in the NFL. Which absolutely makes no sense considering the fact that in the NFL 70% of the players are black. At any rate, now the NAACP has decided to jump into the fray demanding that Kaepernick is given a job. Now, the NFL executives have responded to their obnoxious stipulations and their response is legendary. 

Colin Kaepernick and his girlfriend Nessa Diab

The NAACP began their protest on Wednesday demanding that the NFL give Kaepernick a job. Apparently, they missed the part that a team does not have to hire anyone that they do not want to, but that means nothing to these morons. Standing out front of the NFL executives offices these race-baiting individuals are creating a media frenzy and pushing their hate filled rhetoric. They truly believe that the reason why Kaepernick has not been signed is about his National Anthem protest and not that he is a crappy football player. However, that is exactly why this third rate player has not be signed plus all the baggage he brings with him. Kaepernick is simply not worth the trouble for any team.

Of course, each executive has its own reason for why they are not signing the controversial player, and each one is unique. So, some of these executives have come forward to explain their reasons which have left the NAACP silent. According to two separate NFL executives between Kaepernick’s actions and how they are perceived within the context of a team is why he is still unemployed.

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In a conversation with Mike Sando of ESPN, the executives weighed in on why Kaepernick is still without a spot in the NFL.

“It is really not about his ability,” an exec said. “It’s about the risk of what happens to the team concept when you sign a guy — a quarterback — who has put his personal agenda ahead of what we are all charged to do, which is put the team first. As a team builder, I cannot risk that happening again, especially for a borderline starter who needs the entire offense catered to his style.

“Tom Brady or Philip Rivers would never consider making a stand on something like that, and it’s just because it’s not the place. I don’t disparage what he did. I understand and I’m all for people standing up for a cause, just not while they’re at work.”

That take falls in line with what former Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan recently said about Kaepernick’s ability to play at the level of a starter.

A personnel director agreed with Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s recent assessment of the league wanting to keep players in their place.

“I think Kaepernick refuses to not be himself, in a way,” this director said.

But these are not the only NFL executives that have voiced these concerns. These NFL executives are also concerned that Colin Kaepernick will put his political agenda before the team, and wonder if he really is committed to football.

“Everyone else is worried about him working, but I never hear him say how much he wants to work,” an unnamed offensive coordinator said. “That hits a chord. People want to hear, ‘I want to work in the league, I want to work for you, I want to do this more than anything.’ It’s like with Tim Tebow — he’d rather be on the outside switching sports than be relegated to the [third team] and getting 20% of the reps.”

One executive said, “As a team builder, I cannot risk that happening again, especially for a borderline starter who needs the entire offense catered to his style,”

One defensive coordinator cited that bringing Kaepernick on could ruin the locker room chemistry.

“I think coaches are like, ‘Look, if this kid is not starting for us, why are you bringing in distractions, not for a starter? We have a pretty good sort of locker room and mesh here. What is the risk-reward?'” the defensive coordinator said. “I don’t think anyone is to the point of making him the starter, and that is the bubble he is getting caught in.”

These are perfectly legitimate concerns and not one of them has to do with race. Colin Kaepernick has free speech and no one is trying to take that away from him, however, when it begins to take away from the focus on the team there are issues. Any employer has to weigh out the risks and benefits of bringing someone aboard, and currently, there are not too many benefits with Kaepernick. Maybe if he put his political agenda aside and began to focus on the game more he would become more palatable to these executives. Though it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen anytime soon with the NAACP protesting outside their doors.

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