The NFL Just Released A Statement About The Corrupt Media—Trump Was RIGHT!

Officially the national sport is baseball, but when fall rolls around I can take you to plenty of decked out fans that would beg to differ. The National Football League makes a killing every year, not just in ticket sales, but in gear. Jerseys, hats, socks, you name it; anything to make a redneck look and feel like an NFL star is pretty much on the virtual market.

While a solid fan base is literally money in the bank for the league, some of the extreme devotees took it a little too far when they stole New England Patriot’s quarterback, Tom Brady’s Superbowl jersey. The theft happened after the 2017 championship win, and many were on the warpath to find the culprit. There was even speculation about whether the crime could be considered a felony because of the potential monetary value it held.

The Jersey has now been recovered in the hands of, none other than, a journalist. Here’s the press release from the NFL about the recovery.

We are all overjoyed that Brady has his historic jersey back, but this might leave us with more questions than answers. There have been some unsubstantiated claims that the journalist was from Mexico, and that’s where the jersey was being pawned, but others think he “found” it.

I guess time alone will tell, but it’s not looking good for those in the media if they can’t be trusted to leave a sporting event with only what they brought. They sell thousands of jersey’s with Brady’s number on them every year, and you can get your very own at the NFL’s official site, but I guess if you’ve just got to have one with some famous sweat on it, you kinda get what you deserve when the FBI comes knocking on your door.

(Source: Reddit)

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