The NFL Will LOSE 70% Of Their Fans When They Let Lady Gaga Do This At SUPER BOWL HALF TIME SHOW!

If the NFL could get any worse, then this is definitely it. Over the years, the No Fun League has eliminated hilarious touchdown dances, thrown botched flags at important moments, accepted anti-American athletes like Colin Kaepernick, thought it was OK for cop-hating Beyonce, and now this. The NFL is about to let Lady GaGa perform during the Super Bowl halftime show and she plans to HUMILIATE President Trump.

Prepare to lose more ratings.


The NFL has already lost a lot of fans after allowing their overpaid players disrespect our flag, law enforcement, and show support for the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization.

Now, they’re making it worse with what they’re allowing hateful Lady Gaga do during her depraved Super Bowl halftime show that’s a huge flip of the middle finger to our new president.

Although Lady Gaga was praised for her patriotic performance at the last Super Bowl, that’s not what we can expect this year. Apparently, her love for the country was just for show since now she’s using the most watched event of the year to say “F You” to Trump, right after he’s officially sworn in as out leader.

Reports first came out that the NFL asked the singer to keep politics out of her performance but the organization has just come out flatly denying they told her she couldn’t slam Trump, adding that they were made aware of her plans and approved it

Listen up, meatdress, you’re not there to talk about ANYTHING. You’re there to perform a song or two, entertain people, cash your check, and go home. Leave politics out of the Super Bowl. There’s no reason Lady GaGa needs to make a bad romance with the little monsters of the NFL.

Should I start a #NotMySuperBowl hashtag and trend it on Twitter?

I have to admit something. I only pay attention to fantasy football. I’m one of “those guys” who don’t even care about the sport anymore.

I stopped watching football years ago when the league took the entertainment factor out of it. They’re showing three hours of monotone announced games where they fine grown men for swearing at each other in battle, don’t let grown men do a 5 second TD celebration without getting a penalty in the playoffs, and not condoning the actions of an anti-American or cop haters. Then they want $40-80 for parking and nearly double digits for a few sips of parking lot beer.

I’m in it for the tailgating and the fantasy football since they took the funny dances away.

They can’t even get good commercials on the Super Bowl anymore because everyone is so politically correct and butt-hurt sensitive that it’s just a long boring game ruined by celebrities, liberals, show-offs, and douchebag league millionaires just there to make a buck on the average guy.

If you want to run another halftime show, then go ahead. I’ll be OK with Lady GaGa. She nailed the National Anthem and at least she has better songs than cop hater Beyonce. Let’s see if she acts with class or acts like ass. Until the Super Bowl, everything is speculation.

Don’t forget, nothing could be worse than Beyonce. I’ll be over here sipping my tea while she writes about us on her next Lemonade stand.

Maybe one day the NFL will learn that we don’t care about the lame nonsense and we want hardcore, gritty, fun football back in our homes, our bars, and our stadiums.

I fear the day we’re watching FLAG FOOTBALL because the weak liberals ruin things for us.

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