NFL Legend Steve Young Used Just One Word to Describe Obama… The White House is Furious [VIDEO]


Former quarterback Steve Young made an analogy between Peyton Manning and President Barack Obama prior to this week’s “Monday Night Football” game between the Denver Broncos and Cincinnati Bengals that had some political commentators raising their eyebrows.

The Football Hall of Famer said that Manning needed to send a message to the nation that he was “the dictator,”just as the president might, in order to deal with his opponents’ defense.

“Watch for Peyton to speak to the nation, as the president of the United States would speak to the nation tonight,” Young said on ESPN. “And tell them, ‘I am the dictator! I am the one that’s going to take care of everything.’”

His remarks immediately drew commentary from both sides of the aisle.

“However, by him tossing out ‘dictator’ while discussing the presidency, it probably reveals a little bit about Young and his politics,” Justin Baragona of PoliticsUSA wrote. “Ask any red-blooded Republican what they think of President Obama, and the word dictator will be within the first five words you hear.”

Baragona noted that Young, a devout Mormon, rarely makes political comments, although he did speak at the Republican Convention — 14 years ago.

Watch Young’s comments here and see what you think:

In reality, Young probably wasn’t making any sort of political comment at all, but merely comparing the settings — two men with the ability to send a message to the nation.

Young said that Peyton — not Obama — should call himself a dictator, and he meant it in a positive way. He encouraged it.

He would hardly compare such a positive act of sportsmanlike competitiveness with the illegal power grabs of President Obama.

But the fact that the left would jump on the comment so readily tells you just how defensive they are about the issue.

And with good reason.

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