NFL National Anthem Protests Sink TV Ratings To Five-Year Low – Week Six

If you think Colin Kaepernick is a cool guy (he’s not), then get a load of how cool this is.

Colin Kaepernick’s stupid protest has lead to one of the worst statistical declines of the NFL in history. Low stats = low money! BOOM!

People are pissed. People don’t want to support a league who allows someone to disrespect America, but when another player had a “never forget” message in regards to 9/11 – the league told them NO!

Americans love football, but when the NFL insults allows a player to insult the majority of the fans and our beloved country, then people stop supporting the league. People stop watching. And if you think people aren’t stopping, then take a look at this!


Forbes – Mediaite reported yesterday that the “Colts-Texans game was down 38% from last year’s Week 6 Sunday Night Football match-up — according to the Sports TV Ratings industry tracking site. The game notched a 9.0 overnight rating for NBC….the lowest overnight rating for Sunday Night Football since Oct. 23, 2011. And Sunday Night Football has posted significant declines throughout the season.”

The NFL’s TV ratings plunge has been consistent throughout the 2016 season. Even though a Rassmusen survey revealed that 32% of respondents were less likely to watch the NFL due to the players protesting the national anthem, the NFL brass is in denial.

An internal memo two weeks ago which said in part, “no evidence that concern over player protests during the national anthem is having any material impact on our ratings. In fact, our own data shows that perception of the NFL and its players is actually up in 2016.”


If statistics mean anything to you, and they should, then you can see that the NFL has taken a major hit and that likely results in a massive monetary loss.

I’m not sure about the numbers, but I also read that the NFL has to refund some of its advertisers because of lack of delivery and results.

Cool. I could care less about the NFL.

I’m tired of paying $40 to park and $8 for a beer anyway.

F*ck the NFL.

F*ck Colin Kaepernick at the 0:55 mark.

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