NFL Patriots See Photo Sick NY Times Published From Team’s White House Visit And Get Immediate Revenge

If I had to guess, I’d say that the New York Times might still be a little sore about President Trump calling them “fake news.” The President lumped them in with many of the major cable news networks. Instead of looking for a way to protect their reputation and prove him wrong, the news outlet has apparently decided to double down on their propaganda campaign against the President.

Apparently, they’ve never heard that you can’t beat city hall because they’re sure making a valiant effort. In the world of print media, pre-internet, they might have gotten away with it, but now everybody’s a fact checker, and nothing you do goes uncriticized. The Times is learning that the hard way after their photo of the New England Patriots’ visit to the White House became the subject of much debate. The Times decided it would be a great idea to put the picture from their 2015 visit side by side with the picture of their visit in 2017.

This was the result:

Wow, crazy how much more The New England Patriots loved former President Obama than President Trump, right?

As my good friend Paul Harvey would say, here’s the rest of the story

Via Gateway Pundit:

The New York Times posted a side by side picture of the New England Patriots’ visit today to the White House versus their visit in 2015 for Obama.

They were trying to make it look like Trump had no support because there were less people in the picture and miserably failed. The best part? The Patriots actually called them out for fake news!

The Patriots posted one of the pictures from today with more people in it and thanked the White House.

The Patriots then blast the New York Times saying the photo lacks context and that today over 40 football staff were seated on the South Lawn versus the stairs in 2015.

Here are those tweets in visual form:

So not only are those in politics calling out this once prestigious purveyor of truth, even sports teams are having to set the record straight so that their own reputation isn’t shot up in the crossfire. I wonder how that feels for the Times to know that even an organization that goes out of its way to recruit meat heads is getting the facts straight when they aren’t. Well, I shouldn’t really say they aren’t getting them straight, I should say that they’re intentionally twisting them.

Sadly, this is what news, social and every other kind of media has come to these days; do your best to throw shade at everybody you don’t like and hope it doesn’t come back to haunt you.

The New York Times did update their tweet to reflect a little more fact.

Kinda seems like too little too late to me, but maybe conservatives aren’t who they’re trying to impress.

It also seems worth pointing out that they did put out a tweet without the side by side image.

If you’ll notice, at the time this is being written, that has been retweeted less than 20 times.

However, the earlier tweet with the comparison image got a little better response.

Yeah, only 48,063 more re-tweets, not a major difference at all. That would lead one to believe that this is more about politics and less about football players visiting the White House. I can’t imagine that anyone would use a football team to further their political agenda or insinuate that a franchise like the Patriots’ was insulting the Commander in Chief.

It was a valiant effort, but if you’ll notice, the Patriots response was retweeted even more than the inflammatory comparison tweet:

Yeah, that’s 57,168 people in unison, all calling the New York Times a bunch of liberal scumbag liars. Do you hear the music playing and angels singing? That’s what freedom and conservatism sound like folks. It’s a winning team, a winning President, and his supporters all rallying together to make sure you don’t get lied to. You’re welcome America.

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(Source: The Gateway Pundit)

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