Defensive end player Darnell Dockett for the Arizona Cardinals has been busy, but not on the field. Since he’s been out of the game with a knee injury, he’s stirred up a lot of controversy online with his unfiltered social media posts. After making headlines Monday for sharing an inappropriate picture of Barack Obama’s eldest daughter Malia, he’s now back at it — this time live-tweeting his experience at jury duty.

The 33-year-old pro athlete was up bright and early Tuesday morning to fulfill his civic duty while also letting the world — or at least his army of Twitter followers — know how unhappy he was to be there, before proceeding to express his distrust for the American justice department and dispense unsolicited legal advice, FoxSports reported.

Dockett ignored the bailiff’s instruction for all jurors to hand over their phones and instead used it for what appeared to be his entire time in court, providing live action commentary about the cases he’s listening to in full detail. He expressed that he believed the individuals on trial could have gotten away with their alleged crime had they consulted with him first, since he could have helped them with a better plan.


At some point during the course of the day, Dockett diverted his attention to the police officer standing guard over his group and expressed how he’s not intimidated by him.

NFL Player Makes Inappropriate Tweets During Jury Duty, Orders Pizza

NFL Player Makes Inappropriate Tweets During Jury Duty, Orders Pizza

When the officer informed the player that he could not leave to get food, Dockett let the internet know how irritated he is about it and defies instructions again by ordering pizza online from the courtroom.


His tweeting carried on long into the evening Tuesday, despite nearly getting kicked out of the court room on several occasions for violating the phone rules.


According to Deadspin, who reported on this incident, Dockett’s mother was murdered when he was 13 and an arrest was never made in the case. So he’s got a stronger motive than most for mistrusting the justice system.

It’s unknown whether the court is in session or if the case is in the pretrial stages. Regardless, someone, somewhere, is going to send Dockett’s tweets to the attorneys working the trial, and one—if not both—will ask for him to be removed from the panel.

NFL Player Makes Inappropriate Tweets During Jury Duty, Orders Pizza

Lady Justice doesn’t care how much money you have or how famous you are, Mr. Dockett. We all still need to abide by the rules. Someone in your position has a great opportunity to be a role model to today’s youth, but you instead choose to throw away that opportunity to be a douche.

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