Just as the firestorm of controversy surrounding a GOP staffer’s comments in relation to President Obama’s daughters is starting to wind down, after she resigned from her position of course, news comes of an NFL player who posted a rather creepy picture of Malia Obama’s backside to Instagram, and we have yet to see the instantaneous outrage that would ensue if it was a white conservative who did the same.

Cardinals’ defensive end Darnell Docket is apparently known for his highly questionable social media posts, according to Complex.com, but that isn’t a reason to excuse poor behavior. Even so, it appears as if he’s gone over the line with his latest antics when he reposted a picture of Obama’s underage daughter to Instagram in which he’s obviously admiring her featured body part, which seems rather pedophile-ish to me.

The image was originally uploaded to Instagram by user @dreday_4 early Monday morning that was captioned, “When is her prom?”

NFL Player Posts ‘Creepy’ Picture of Malia Obama on Instagram, No Outrage?! [Pics]

Docket responded to the user’s post, saying “Omggg” as his comment, as can been seen above. But, then he reposted it to his own account earlier today and captioned it, “Lmfaooo.”

NFL Player Posts ‘Creepy’ Picture of Malia Obama on Instagram, No Outrage?! [Pics]

Considering there isn’t actually anything funny about @dreday_4’s caption that suggests he’s attracted to Malia, it’s hard to believe Dockett reposted the image to make fun of the user. In fact, Dockett’s post appears to be an endorsement rather than criticism, especially considering nearly every comment on his post agrees with @dreday_4‘s original sentiment, and Dockett has yet to mention a word in condemnation of them.

One would think that a high-profile player in the NFL posting a picture of the President’s daughter in an attempt to sexualize the 16-year-old would draw fierce criticism, especially since she’s, you know, underage and all. However, it hasn’t, and it likely won’t for reasons I’ll leave you to speculate on your own.

Author’s Note: While Obama and his blatant disrespect for our nation, its laws and its people is without a doubt worthy of harsh criticism and deserves every bit of it, we as a country should be concerned when any grown man treats a young girl in such a manner, regardless of whose daughter she is. After all, it could very well be your daughter it happened to, then how would you feel?

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