As NFL Players Protest the Anthem, One Athlete Showed TRUE Class By Doing This To Soldiers!

Ever since Colin Kaepernick chose to sit out of standing for the national anthem a slew of other athletes have unfortunately followed. As a result, the NFL’s Nielsen ratings are beginning to drop dramatically and most Americans profusely disagree and believe what Kaepernick is doing is shameful. But some athletes are showing what a true class act really is.

On Sunday night the national anthem played at a football game and New York Giants team member Odell Beckham Jr. did not raise his fist or kneel but instead went to every soldier that was standing on the sidelines and shook their hands. It was caught on camera and reported by Fox 9’s Artigue.


The Independent Journal Review spoke to Marty Skovlund who is a army ranger. He said that what Beckham did made those soldiers night very special and was a gesture that did not go unnoticed. As well, he said that when athletes use their platform to talk about larger social issues it is nice to see one of them support the men and women who serve our country. Furthermore he said that servicemen and women simply like remembering those who were lost and respecting them. But they do not agree with blind worship, they simply want that basic respect.

Beckham went through the line which was reportedly very long and said to each one of them that he appreciates what they all do. In spite of Kaepernick’s disgraceful and shameful protest which has not amounted to anything it is nice to see some athletes actually showing respect to our veterans and serving officers. While it may be cool to bash the United States and the military it takes a bigger and more courageous person to stand by their convictions and stand by their servicemen.

It is not speaking out against our enemies that is difficult but speaking out against our friends. For Beckham to do something that none of his peers are doing is very brave of him considering the criticism he could potentially receive as a result.

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