NFL Forcing Players To Flip Off Trump During Super Bowl — Tom Brady Has Priceless Response Instead

Leftist media is a cesspool where America’s freedoms are forced to drown.

According to the left, you can’t even pick your own friends anymore! Another freedom gone and the only way to survive drowning in the liberal cesspool is to succumb to oppression and become a brainless zombie libtard.

Tom Brady, one of the most hated and talented quarterbacks to every grace the NFL, is being told to cut his ties with longtime friend Donald Trump OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!

WHAT! Are you kidding me? Brady and Trump have been golf buddies for years. All of a sudden, because Trump crushes Hillary in the electoral college votes, Brady has to dump his friend?

That’s typical leftist behavior. It’s beyond reasonable stupidity at this point. The leftists have officially lost their minds. If they continue on this path, then the democratic party will only exist for another few years as they implode and turn into little tiny factions of protester groups who will get ran over or tear gassed until they go home.


Via BizPacReview:

“Anyone of note who’s supportive of the president of the United States must recant and submit to a public flogging,” Mediaite noted. “Those who fail to comply must be named and shamed.” Here are the latest headlines warning Brady ahead of the Super Bowl:

  • Tom Brady has some explaining to do on Donald Trump
  • Prof claims Trump supporter Tom Brady ‘more un-American’ than Kaepernick
  • For Tom Brady, there’s no avoiding Donald Trump during Super Bowl week
  • Super boycott!
  • Anti-Trump supporters skipping Super Bowl over Patriots’ ties to President.

The shameless public bullying of Trump supporters has now become so normalized that the mainstream media thinks it’s perfectly OK to embarrass anyone who supports the president.

Here’s USA Today getting SLAMMED by critics over their SJW’s article that was as good as a turd sandwich.

Here’s Tom Brady’s awesome response when asked about his good friend President Trump and some of his policy implementations.

If people want to take sides, you know, they can obviously do that. It’s everyone’s right. They have a right to do that. And I have a right to stay out of it, too. I want to keep my focus on where it should be for me at this moment. I’m trying to be the best that I can be for my team. And I don’t want to bring any distractions to our team. I don’t want to bring any negativity to our team. We have enough of that as it is.”

I know we tear into people in our articles, but we don’t tell people who they can and cannot be friends with. That’s a violation of American freedom.

It’s OK Tom, you can be friends with PRESIDENT Trump if you like. You don’t need to quit your friendship because some cucks on the left write a dingy half-intelligent article about you.

They’re just going for ratings, and unfortunately, they’re failing.

With that said, I could care less who wins the Super Bowl, but I’d rather see the Falcons win. Their backfield might run circles around the Patriots defense and Matty Ice could toss a TD bomb to Julio for the win, reminiscent of Eli Manning throwing it to that guy…what’s his name? His one catch of his career wins a Super Bowl and we don’t ever hear about him again.

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Stop the leftist media from telling us who to be friends with and who to root for!


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