IT’S SPREADING! More NFL Scumbags Join Kaepernick – Sit Out National Anthem


Cool guy alert! Everyone watch out, there’s three guys who think sitting during the National Anthem will make a difference.

It doesn’t.

It just makes you appear disrespectful to the country who turned you into a millionaire.

It’s disrespectful to the soldiers who’ve fought for our freedom to be anything we want. If you chose to join the douche crew, that’s fine.

colin kaepernick meme

Gateway Pundit – While a naval officer sang the first notes of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and dozens of military members unfurled an oversized flag on the football field, Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid dropped to one knee on the San Francisco 49ers’ sideline.

With his silent gestures of protest, Kaepernick intends to keep drawing attention to a litany of American problems — and he’s no longer alone.

Kaepernick and Reid kneeled during the national anthem Thursday before the 49ers’ 31-21 preseason victory over San Diego, ignoring scattered boos and angry shouts in Qualcomm Stadium at the Chargers’ Salute to the Military preseason game.

Up north in Oakland, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane showed his support for Kaepernick by sitting on the bench during the anthem.

You’re allowed to protest and skip the National Anthem if you want. You can do anything you want in your OWN time, but you should act respectable at work. You’re making your team and your employer look terrible in front of America. Your team isn’t the problem. You’re not really the problem either, but acting like a disrespectful degenerate AT WORK is a nightmare for public relations, not to mention that 99% of the country thinks you’re traitorous loser, and THAT’S a problem.

Stand up for the National Anthem or give up your contract. You go to work for your team and you act respectful or you should be sent home and contract nullified.

It’s getting annoying to constantly hear about a guy who isn’t even a starter for his team.

He’s about to ride the bench.

Let’s stop giving him attention.

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