The NFL Just Sided With Kaepernick And Now They’ve Been Hit With Perfect Instant Karma For Supporting Racists

The sport of football is a staple in many American’s homes around the country. These die-hard fans wait all year for football season to begin in order to cheer their team to victory, but last year that all changed. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick began to kneel during the National Anthem as a form of protest. Kaepernick claimed that he was protesting racial inequality and oppression in America all while cashing million dollar checks. Instead of Kaepernick gaining any fans from his absurd protest all he did was anger Americans across the country. However, what made it even worse was that the NFL sided with Kaepernick by allowing the protests to continue without any punishment, and now they are paying a steep price.

20 years ago, no one would believe that sporting events would turn into a platform for liberalism, but it has.

For years, people have turned to sports as a way to escape politics and the harsh realities of life, not to have the left’s agenda shoved down their throat. With ESPN and the NFL embracing these anti-American politics, many fans have made the choice to abandon watching football altogether. With football season just beginning, many fans have decided to boycott the NFL after witnessing many players picking up where Kaepernick left off last year.

Now, fans are beginning to push back by staying home this and leave their seats empty.

NFL executives may be beginning to panic after seeing many empty seats in stadiums across the country, and they should.

The majority of Americans do not buy into the left-wing agenda and also do not want to pay for it to be shoved in their face.

Last year, when Colin Kaepernick began his disgusting protest many had hoped that the NFL would put a stop to it, but they didn’t. Instead, they kept silent essentially giving them a free pass to spit in the face of our veterans and active military serving overseas. Many fans have expressed their frustration by simply turning off their televisions and refusing to go to the games, and it seems to be working.

The Big Lead reports:

Week 1 of the NFL season had plenty of important stories worth following, but maybe the most entertaining was an empty stadium in Los Angeles and Santa Clara. Both the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers had sparse crowds for their home openers, and that has not gone unnoticed by the NFL.

Ian Rapoport’s report (try and say that fast five times) above shows that the league is clearly worried about the optics of half-filled stadiums. And they should be. It’s embarrassing for the league.

This is what the 49ers crowd looked like at the start of the second half in Week 1:

And here’s what the Rams crowd looked like in the first quarter:

Here’s the thing, the NFL’s plans for relocating teams have been hilariously ham-fisted. Moving the 49ers to Santa Clara, 45 minutes from San Francisco was a moronic decision. Levi’s Stadium is positioned so roughly 70 percent of the stadium bakes in the sun with no chance of shade.

Meanwhile, the Rams might actually have decent attendance once they move into their new stadium, but that’s a huge gamble. Until then, they’ll likely be dealing with sparse crowds at the Coliseum for the next three seasons. It’s terrible optics for the NFL to have empty stadiums and absolutely no atmosphere for games.

As the article states it is terrible optics to have empty seats, but it is not because of a stadium move. Fans are sick of seeing these entitled football players telling everyday Americans how they are racists. They have one job to do and that is to play a game and leave their politics at the door.

Now, if they have something that they would like to raise awareness for then, by all means, do it outside of the uniform. You see, once a player puts on a uniform they are representing the team and their fans. So, it is perfectly logical for fans to be upset when a player is kneeling during the National Anthem. Many football fans are huge fans of our military and veterans so why would these players think this is a good idea?

Why? Because the NFL is not putting a stop to it in fears of being called racist.

As you know the left has concocted ways to silence any form of dissent by calling people racists or bigots if they disagree. Of course, no one wants to be called such a thing since it is horrible so they remain silent. It’s about time that these NFL executives and team owners put a stop to these antics or they may be out of a job as well.

Hopefully, these NFL executives will grow a spine and tell these players to stop kneeling during the National Anthem or they are benched for the season.

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