NFL So Afraid Of Upsetting “Black Lives Matter” That They Won’t Honor Fallen Dallas Police

The NFL has decided that making sure not to offend the Black Lives Matter movement is more important than honoring the memories of the fallen police officers in Dallas. The Dallas Cowboys started wearing an “Arm in Arm” decal on the football helmets theoughout their training in order to honor the police officers who had been murdered in the tragic ambush not long ago. Everyone loved them. Except the NFL.

The NFL’s argument was that if you allow one decal they’ll have to allow all. They didn’t want to do that. Shortly after asking for permission the Cowboys were flat out denied.

Stephen Jones whose the teams executive Vice President said,

Everyone has to be uniform with the league and the other 31 teams. We respect their decision.”

The Dallas Police Department said,

We appreciate the support of the Cowboys organization and its players. Their concern for the families of our fallen officers, the Dallas Police Department, and the City of Dallas is what matters most, and we know that support will continue for the immediate and long term future.”

The Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation said,

The NFL had an opportunity to be leaders and advocates for change in law enforcement. These are our friends and our loved ones … it hurts to not have the NFL fully support us.”

The Dallas News reported,

“Cowboys executives, players and coaches walked out onto the field for the first practice July 30 arm-in-arm Dallas Police Chief David Brown, Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings and family members of the officers slain in the ambush in Dallas last month.

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten helped initiate the idea for the unity ceremony and also wanted the Cowboys to wear the Arm in Arm decal on their helmets. The Cowboys placed an Arm in Arm decal on the back of their helmets following the unity ceremony to show the club’s support for the city and the officers’ family members.”

The real truth is the NFL are cowards who don’t want to upset the volatile Black Lives Matter group who would take issue with honoring fallen officers. Shame on them. #bluelivesmatter.

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