NFL Star Takes A HUGE Stand Against Atheists In Post-Game Interview


The Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback, Russell Wilson, was having one of the worst games imaginable during Sunday’s NFC Championship game, until things started to turn around in the third quarter as his team trailed the Green Bay Packers by 16 points. After his team pulled off what was truly a remarkable victory, Wilson went on national television and let America know how he believes it all happened.

Wilson was getting ripped to shreds on social media by fans and others who doubted his team would be able to overcome the massive deficit, but he was able to stay strong and prove them all wrong. Despite having been intercepted four times and getting sacked four times as well, which is usually a recipe for a loss, Wilson led his team to a 28-22 overtime victory.

After the game, Wilson was asked by Erin Andrews from ESPN how they pulled it off, and in his response, he spread a very powerful message to the country.

“God is too good all the time,” he said, as tears ran down his face.

After talking about how honored he was to play with his team, Wilson again credited God for their remarkable season.

“I just believe that God prepared me for these situations,” he told Andrews. “God’s prepared our team too as well.”

He also sent out equally powerful tweets, letting everyone know where his faith lies and how he believes he was able to find the strength to pull off a win.


And once the initial craze calmed down, QPolitical reported that Wilson led both teams and their staff in a sideline prayer.

Russell Wilson Takes A HUGE Stand Against Atheists In Post-Game Interview

Yesterday Wilson showed that he’s an incredible leader on the field and an amazing role model off of it. In today’s times, being so open about your faith can have disastrous results. Thankfully he has the courage to speak the truth in what he believes, and we can only hope others will follow his lead.

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