The NFL Told Russell Wilson Not To Speak About His Faith, So He Did Something Fans Couldn’t Believe

Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson has never shied away from sharing his love for God and his fellow man. In fact, it is one of his life’s purposes to serve and help his ‘brothers and sisters’ in changing lives to be better. Helping others to get on a path that leads to true joy is what he hopes becomes his legacy in life.

On the field he as a Quarterback, Wilson is all about winning. Off the field, he sets his focus on helping others to find the joy and peace that he feels himself through good choices and having hope and faith in God.

For this reason, it is no surprise that when the NFL told Wilson to not speak about his faith…he learned he could still share his love for God and message of hope, by his actions. Words were not necessary.

He has stated many times that in his life, God comes first, family and friends second, and football third. Dedication to what is most important to him, is his strength.

“In terms of my faith, my faith is everything: God comes first, family and friends come second, and football comes third,” Wilson concluded. “I think when you keep it in that order, great things happen to you. You don’t stress out about much.”

It’s a beautiful thing to see a man with a voice that can be heard in great numbers sharing a good message. We have far too many people in high places, who may have at one time in life had good intentions and faith in God to do good things in their life. Then they got to where they wanted to be and used their voices to give glory to… themselves. Or worse, forget where they came from and who brought them there. Luck? No such thing.

Good men’s hearts will fail them in this world where corruption runs deep and deception is a key skill of the very leadership that runs this country.

Especially now in Obama’s America. You might walk into a room of opportunity to make a change with good intentions, but once in there…if you do not share in the example that Wilson has set in remembering who you are and whose message you share… corruption can and will take root.

So the NFL told him not to talk about his faith…

Interesting how things seem so one sided right? Don’t talk about God, it hurts people’s feelings. But feel free to disrespect and spread a message of dishonoring your country and it’s heroes.

With this kind of garbage happening…the truth becomes that much more obvious.

Words like ‘tolerance’ are being used to blur the line between good and evil, right and wrong. When you have men like Wilson out there standing for the truth and righteousness he believes in, the backlash is deep.

Ask yourself, when did serving others and helping them find happiness become something bad?

There is only one who would wreck nations and terrorize mankind to keep good from happening.

…and Obama’s Americans seem to have forgotten that very simple truth.

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