The NHL Just Showed Americans Why The NFL Sucks For Supporting Black Terrorist Thugs (VIDEO)

In July, five Dallas police officers were brutally murdered at a Black Lives Matter protest. While the NFL has been busily pushing the Black Lives Matter agenda, not everyone in the sports world agrees with that. Some athletes have come forward to say they disagree with Colin Kaepernick and the other football players who jumped on his anti-police and anti-American bandwagon. But the Dallas Stars, a hockey team, has gone a step further. Instead of refusing to stand for the national anthem, the Stars honored the fallen police officers with a beautiful tribute.

The Stars opened their 2016-2017 season in remembrance of the slain Dallas officers by placing the Dallas Police Department decals on their helmets, as well as the names of the officers.

The NHL allowed this, unlike the NFL, which threatened to fine players who wanted to honor the lives lost on 9/11. 9/11 fell on a Sunday this year, which means for football players, it was gameday. But the NFL would rather have their players refuse to stand for the national anthem than make a patriotic gesture.

In addition to the tribute, the Dallas Stars donated $100,000 to the Dallas Fallen Officers Fund, a charity which helps the families of officers who have fallen in the line of duty. The gesture from the Stars is even more incredible when you add in that only one player on the Stars is American — the rest of them are all foreign-born.

“We know a lot of officers in the Dallas Police Department,” Stars Executive Vice President Brad Alberts said in an interview with USA Today Sports. “For us, this is very personal. We weren’t able to do anything really in the off-season, but we wanted to show our support for the police department, DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] and these officers. We know these guys, they help us every day and we wanted to be there for them in any way we could.”

He continued, saying, “The events of the summer have really effected our team and the community. Our captain Jamie Benn was fully behind this decision and got all the players on board as well. This community gives us so much, and we want to give back in any way we can.” Stars Head Coach Lindy Ruff agreed:

Several of the families of the fallen officers participated in the ceremonial puck drop before the start of the game:

The Stars won their game that night, but they also won the hearts of Americans across the country.

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