NICE JOB POCAHONTAS: Warren’s Inflammatory Tweets Contribute To Climate Of Racial Violence

Elizabeth Warren is the ratchet pant-suit side kick of Presidential Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. She’s spending too much time on Twitter, blasting tweets that contribute to a tumultuous climate of racial violence. Her one-sided Hillary-friendly agenda could be a scheme to secure minority or liberal votes for Clinton, but at the same time it promotes unnecessary racism and violence.


Is Elizabeth Warren part of the reason that five Dallas officers lost their life? Is she a troll taking advantage of uneducated voters in an attempt to gain traction for her bosom buddy Hillary?

No. What we’ve seen is videos of black Americans not following direct police orders. What we’ve seen is people who are armed with a gun being told to STOP reaching near their gun, but the person who was shot did not listen to police. Warren’s message should say “We’ve seen the sickening videos of black Americans killed in traffic because they did not comply. Please respect the police.” Or maybe she could mention that police officers who were protecting Black Lives Matter protesters were murdered by the people they were protecting.

First of all, that’s nonsense. No parent should teach their kids to “survive” the police. What type of drug is Elizabeth Warren on? Is it that old Pocahontas smoke stack again?

And did you notice her obvious race baiting? Why does she refer only to “black parents” when a white teenager who was unarmed was also recently shot by police? What about Dylan Noble’s parents? Do they not count because they aren’t black?

All parents should teach their kids to be model citizens, contribute to society, work hard, and earn an honest living while being good people. Why does Elizabeth Warren only refer to black parents? No parents should teach their children to survive the police, but instead teach their kids that police are not the enemy. Teach kids to NOT put themselves in a situation where they’re against the police. Teach their children to not get pulled over 30 times like Philando Castile. Teach children to “get on the ground” if the cop says “get on the ground” and teach kids not to reach for their gun when a cop tells you to stop.

If you want to survive the police, then start realizing that they’re not the enemy.

Mostly terrible people who refused to comply to an officers direct orders. Each one of them could have had their day in court, but they chose to non-compliant and be an issue.

People are not above the law. The moment these people mouth off or do not follow orders is the moment that things go wrong.

And again, why does Elizabeth Warren leaving out Dylan Noble? He was UNARMED when police shot him. A 19 year old white kid gets shot by police and no one protests. Why? Because people know what he did was wrong and they accept it.

When Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were shot, they were doing something wrong too.

Castile was not shot because of a broken tail light, he was shot for reaching near his gun.

Don’t let people like Elizabeth Warren race bait you into believing nonsense. She should be ashamed of her Tweets.

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