NJ Man Busted In Target Store Using Mirror To Look Up Women’s Skirts

Ever since they decided to let men into women’s bathrooms..We are hearing more stories like these. Even though I know Target has had a bit of a problem with perverts.

Breitbart did a story back in April on the Top Twenty Sexual Crimes Committed at Target Stores.  Sad to see that where a Tranny goes the bathroom is more important than women’s safety.

Target’s falling stock shows that majority of America doesn’t want this garbage. This is just a way for sickos to take advantage of this dangerous bathroom policy.

From Breitbart

It Seems the perverts love to hang out at Target. Things will only get worse there. Target is only worried about what bathroom a tranny can use over protecting women from these perverts.

A New Jersey man has been arrested and accused of using a mirror secreted in a basket to look up the dresses of women at a local Target store.

Ocean Township, New Jersey police charged 56-year-old Julius G. Reynolds with invasion of privacy after Target department store workers said they saw him placing a basket with a mirror attached to it on the floor next to female shoppers and using the mirror to look up the dresses and skirts of unsuspecting female shoppers.  Read More


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