No Call By Obama for Peace After Milwaukee Anti-Police Riot; Press Fails to Question Golfing Obama About Riot

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has erupted in racial riots and protests after a 23 year old African American man was killed by an African American officer after being ordered to place his weapon on the ground. Media pundits and politicians have begun to speak out on the issue. However, one notable voice is missing and that is our very own President.

As many know, he embarked on a three week vacation just several days ago to Martha Vineyard with his family. But apparently he is taking the entire vacation issue a little to lackadaisically. He has issued no statement about the Milwaukee death or rioting. No call for peace, no comment, no nothing.

Rioting had left four police officers severely wounded and Governor Scott Walker had even activated and called for the National Guard in the case that rioting continues to progressively get worse. What is going on is serious.

Instead, President Obama was golfing on Sunday and was publically seen in Martha’s Vineyard. The White House announced via an issued statement that President Obama had already been briefed on the ongoing rioting. They said that senior advisor Valerie Jarett was in communication with Milwaukee officials on behalf of the President.

ABC News posted a video showing President Obama engaging with the press about his golf game. Social media has been abuzz about his action whereabouts. Many have posted video and pictures of President Obama on the golf course.

It is incredibly unfortunate to know that while police officers are being targeted and people are rioting and destroying the city of Milwaukee that President Obama is perfecting his golf game. Perhaps he has forgotten that President’s don’t get to call out sick and keep vacations like the average joe when the country is falling apart. But then again this is President Obama we are talking about.

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