NO JOKE: Fast Food Worker Claims She Should Be Paid Same As A Paramedic


From Young Cons: All across the country, the left has been encouraging and funding a movement called “Fight For 15” where workers that hold low skilled jobs are encouraged to demand that their employers raise their pay to $15 an hour regardless of whether or not their job is worth that amount and regardless of whether or not their company can afford it.

The city of Seattle showed the country earlier this year that these minimum wage laws don’t work.  Most fair minded people understand that raising the minimum wage does not create wealth and ultimately ends up hurting the economy by killing jobs, but that hasn’t stopped the ideologues on the left.

One of the strangest aspects of this whole controversy is the responses that you get from the people who take to the streets to protest against the current minimum wage laws.  For the most part, they have some unusual views on the value of what they do and on how society operates in general.

From The Blaze:

A Detroit fast food worker was confronted by a reporter earlier this week and asked why she deserved to earn $15 an hour when he claimed many paramedics do not.

“Some people say that paramedics make $15 an hour. They save lives. So why should fast food workers get that?” WJBK-TV reporter Roop Raj asked.

Protester Lakecha Jackson had quite the answer.

“Because we do too much,” she replied. “We do more than we get paid.”

The minimum wage argument really isn’t a complicated one and it really boils down to whether or not you possess an elementary understanding of economics.

To claim that fast food workers deserve the same pay as paramedics is laughable.  Jobs are commensurate with experience, how much your job is worth to an employer, and how much your employer can afford to pay you.

The reality is that artificially raising the minimum wage actually hurts low skilled workers in the long run which makes it even more nonsensical that these protesters want the government to engage in a process that will only hurt them in the future.

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