NO JOKE! Liberal Media Blames Truck For Islamic Terror Attack That Killed 84 People

You see this screen you’re reading these words on? It’s a real screen. It might be a desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, or even a television screen.

Will this screen kill you? No matter how long and hard you stare at it, will it break it’s own glass and stab you in the throat or gouge your eyes out and reach back into your cerebral cortex and pull that through your eye sockets?


Can a truck drive itself full steam into a crowd of people? Yes. If someone places a cinderblock on the gas pedal and secures the steering wheel so that the truck doesn’t divert from its intended target. That would work just fine.

However, can a truck manually turn itself on, locate a crowd, and accellerate into a crowd thus murdering them?


What needs to happen in order for the truck to be used as a tool for murder? It requires human interaction, correct? That’s correct. Just like the screen you’re reading this article on now cannot kill you or another person on its own, said truck cannot commit a terrorist act of murder on its own.

You can smash someone in the head with your phone or laptop or desktop right now. Who gets blamed for it? You or the device? You, correct?

So when a sick terrorist drives a truck into a crowd, then has a shoot out, and kills 80+ people, the man behind the wheel is to blame, yes?

That’s correct. The man driving the murder truck is to blame. Correction, the Islamic terrorist named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel is to blame.

leftists blame truck

INFO WARS – Leftist media outlets reacted to the devastating attack in Nice not by blaming Islam or even terrorists, but by suggesting that an inanimate object – the truck – was responsible for the carnage.

Instead of pointing the finger at Islamists, CNN, CBC and the New York Times all published headlines that served to hide the true nature of the attack.

CBC reported, “Children feared killed in Nice as truck attacks family event”. Presumably, the truck was somehow able to manifest artificial intelligence and plough itself through dozens of victims.

Then can someone explain to me how idiotic the leftists are when they blame the truck instead of calling out the driver?

Why can’t the headlines state “man murder 80+ with a truck” instead of what the loser lefty lines that suggest a truck drove itself into people like some kind of Nazi genocidal terrorist Decepticon?

Liberals and leftists are people with whom I am glad to be cast out of their group.

I’m not accepted by leftists and it’s OK. My thought process concludes logical thinking that allows me to believe the truck is not the problem. If it was, then why aren’t the leftists screaming for people to ban trucks. A truck just killed more people than many of the so called mass shootings. They want guns banned for killing, so now we need to ban trucks, right?

I have a working brain that doesn’t permit me to fall into the illogical idiocy category so often used by liberals.

You can heal from a broken heart, but your heart won’t heal if it’s ran over by a truck driving terrorist.

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