NO MORE HANDOUTS: Want Food Stamps? Louisiana is Now Making you Work for Them

From Louder with Crowder: File this story under “things done right,” also “makes me fist pump.” If you don’t have those files established yet, where the heck have you been filing our stories all year? I’m setting a reminder to lecture you about this later, right under my note about not procrastinating. I’ll get there.

Starting in 2016 (today) close to 31,000 residents of Louisiana will not be allowed to suck the state dry. Trigger warning: some people treat the government like their cis-mother with giant money bewbs (related Liberals Attack Breast-feeding Women for not Being ‘Trans-inclusive’…). Yeah, I said it. Well those people will no longer be allowed to play out their perpetual child fantasies of being little dependents (not literally like this ‘Transexual’ Man Now Who Claims He’s a Six Year Old Girl…). Now if you want to take from the government, at least you have to work.

From The Daily Caller:

The work requirements were restored under outgoing Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal. Nearly every state was granted a federal waiver to the requirements in response to the Great Recession but now some are letting waivers expire without renewal. Without the waiver able-bodied adults without children must work at least 20 hours a week or be enrolled in a federally approved job training program to qualify for benefits.

Well, baby steps.

WhatAboutBobBabyStepping GIF

Can we also note that able-bodied adults, without children, must work at least 20 hours? What were these able-bodied “adults” doing all day long before this law? How is that even possible? Of course having adults get off their duffs and take care of themselves is going to be seen as hateful. Just you wait, a leftist out there is already writing a semi-coherent (but mostly not) manifesto about making people pay for their own existence is just mean. Hey, some people CANNOT WORK because they have weed to smoke, chants to write, grievances to make up. Plus, who can say no to this punim?


Because for leftism, working leads to independence. Independence leads to freedom. Freedom leads to more independence. More independence leads to less dependence on the government. Less dependence on the government means government will shrink. Shrinking government means leftists will have to be independent. Leftists being independent means leftists will have to work…

Ah, I see the issue now. And here come the excuses.

WhatAboutBobExcuseHeart GIF

I assure you 20 hours of work a week is not a a load that would stress the heart.

WhatAboutBobExcuse2Bathroom GIF

We don’t really need to keep doing this, do we…

WhatAboutBobExcuse3Bladder GIF

Okay, we’re done here.

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