No WAY! Liberal Judge Just Made A Law For Black Males To Do This DISGUSTING Thing To Cops


This is absolute madness and as hard as I’m trying to process this nonsense in my head, I just can’t wrap my brain around it. I have no doubt that things are about to get really messy.

I cannot say that I don’t understand the Judge after reading the report. There are some black Americans that have a legit fear of Police Officers and their first instinct is to run. It’s just… is this really the only way to remedy that? There are two sides to this coin, and the judge is only reviewing one of them.

It’s going to blow up in his face.

In Massachusetts, a judge just ruled a special law into play for black males. This ruling came from Supreme Court, therefore… it stands as is without appeal. The problem is, are the citizens of MA now in more danger because of it?

You be the judge of that.

The job of a Police Officer is a whole other level of “all things dangerous” then any civilian could ever imagine. They are not shoes that just anyone can put themselves in and understand the burden they have to carry in their position. It’s not possible.

You can only live that life, to understand that life. That fact, just makes the brutal attack on them, even more unfair.

As if their job wasn’t already hard enough in Obama’s America, now a judge has granted an advantage to the people of Massachusetts. If they feel that they are being “disproportionately” targeted, they can run.

Yes, run from the Police Officer, who now can do nothing about it. To add to that, the fact that they ran, cannot be used against them in court either.

Up until now, if someone took off and ran at the scene of a crime, that’s “reasonable suspicion” and used as reason for a Police Officer to detain the individual at least for a short period of time to investigate. Now, it’s not important to get evidence when it’s fresh, because it could hurt a thug’s feelings.

Basically, Police who exist to protect and serve, can no longer truly protect or serve…if there’s a runner.

Which…let’s be real, what thug doesn’t run?

Punchline: The law abiding ones!

I’m so funny.

You’re welcome.

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