NOAA Head Refuses to Turn Over Documents That May Show Manipulated Climate Data


From Truth Revolt:  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration head is refusing to hand over internal documents to a Republican lawmaker who is accusing federal scientists of doctoring the data to fit President Obama’s global warming agenda.

NOAA’s Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker responded to a claim from House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) who says they “rushed to publication” their “peer-reviewed” journal last June even as some NOAA scientists objected, reports The Washington Post.

Smith wants NOAA to hand over internal documents and e-mails he believes will prove the global temperatures were manipulated. He threatened subpoena if they refuse.

Defiantly, Pritzker stated that NOAA staff will not bow to “political interference.” Adding to the resistance was administrator Kathryn Sullivan who wrote, “I have not or will not allow anyone to manipulate the science or coerce the scientists who work for me.”

Sullivan added, “If the committee doubts the integrity of the study, it has the tools it needs to commission a competing scientific assessment.”

The report notes that it is not clear at this point whether or not the agency is planning on turning anything over to Smith’s committee. One reason given is from Sullivan who said the data used by her team has been public since last year.

She told Smith, “Mr. Chairman, let me assure you that I am not engaged in or associated with any ‘politically correct agenda.’”

But a good scientist would always back up her claims, right?

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