Look What Happens When A Non-Muslim Builds A “Bomb” And Brings It To School

Remember “clock boy” Ahmed Mohammed? He was the Muslim middle schooler who had the police called on him and was arrested for bringing to school what was mistaken for a clock. The story quickly went from being a minor one to a national story, as it allowed liberals to talk endlessly about how this is reflective that we live in an Islamophobic nation, not one where we’re constantly told “if you see something, say something.”

Anyone who actually bothered to look at pictures of the “clock” (that it later turned out Ahmed didn’t even build) quickly realized that Ahmed wasn’t arrested due to suspicions arising from the fact that he was Muslim, he was arrested because it looked like a bomb. Nonetheless, the media still had no problem running with the story, and Ahmed’s family profited heavily from the whole ordeal, and is still milking it. His father has sued his school district, and a number of conservative talking heads (including Fox News) for “defamation.” It’s almost as if the whole controversy was by design!

Case in point: if a non-Muslim brought the same device to school, he would’ve gotten himself in trouble too. How do I know this? Because that happened – and he got even into MORE trouble. As Fury News reported: In Sandy, Oregon, a white student named Levi Frunk pulled a similar stunt when he brought what appeared to be a life-threatening looking electronic device to his school.

And the results?

Levi won’t be getting an invitation to the White House any time soon. Big surprise. Instead, he has been suspended from school and is forbidden to play in his homecoming football game. The student took his punishment with grace, and although he is disappointed that he wont be able to play in his game during his day and a half suspension, he says that the ruling was “pretty fair.”

The incident occurred when the Levi left the device (which was a phone charger that he had fashioned) out in the locker room while he was in his weight training class. The coach saw the threatening-looking device and called security. Frunk quickly cleared up the confusion when he explained what the device was. The student says that in hindsight, he realizes that it was a bad idea to bring something that looks like an IED to school.

The student’s family is laughing the whole situation off, saying that not everyone knows the antics from the highly intelligent 15-year-old. “He’s super smart. He’s always built things, he’s always taking things apart,” said his sister, Kiki Stonebraker. “I guess just knowing my brother and growing up with him, that stuff was laying around our house all the time.”


Clock boy wasn’t persecuted – he got off easy. He got to meet President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and countless other celebrities. That’s in addition to the free electronics that Microsoft and Google showed on him, and all the scholarships he received. Apparently we needed to all pretend that the kid was a genius because we all thought he was mistreated for being a Muslim.

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