Nordstrom Gets NASTY Surprise Three Days After Horrified People Find Out What They Did To Ivanka In Their Store

Nordstrom decided to pull a stunt on our President’s eldest daughter, thinking that it would either go unnoticed or they’d be respected for it. Neither of those scenarios were the case and now they just got a nasty surprise that they weren’t expecting because of it, just when they thought they had gotten away with the disgusting gesture.

Nordstrom has been just the latest company to disassociate themselves from any connection to the Trumps, apparently attempting to virtue signal to their customer base about how they’re the “good guys.” One February 3, the massive retailer announced that it would stop carrying the Ivanka Trump label due to sales performance. They didn’t make any explicitly political comments, and in offering details on its decision to stop carrying the clothing and accessories, there was no mention of Trump’s recent executive orders.

But they’re doing that on purpose. It allows them to dump any connection they have to the Trumps, but not piss off people on the Right either because they claim it’s not political.

And they’re lying. Nordstrom reportedly issued an internal statement on the impact of the executive order three days before announcing that it would stop carrying Ivanka Trump’s label. The memo, which was sent to all employees by the Nordstrom company presidents, detailed the importance and contribution of immigrants in building the brand.

Sounds like their decision wasn’t politically motivated? I doubt it. People are waking up and now they’re paying the consequences.

As the Conservative Post reported:

“The Ivanka Trump brand continues to expand across categories and distribution with increased customer support, leading us to experience significant year-over-year revenue growth in 2016,” Ivanka’s director of marketing, Rosemary K. Young, told Business Insider.

So, not only did Nordstrom lose a winning brand, it also risks turning away customers who aren’t interesting in its liberal politics, and just want to buy the best products out there.

Not to mention all the conservative customers who will now purposely avoid Nordstrom. And remember, that’s at least half of all Americans.

Yes – so they ditched a successful brand because they don’t like her father’s politics, and claimed that they were doing so because it wasn’t a successful brand. If they want to shoot themselves in the foot, that’s fine by me! Now they have to answer to their shareholders.

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