North Carolina Deputies Harassed, Served Tampered Food At Fast Food Restaurant (VIDEO)

This has been a crazy day of stories… from an NFL Running Back posting violent pictures of a Police Officer getting his throat slit to a Black Lives Matter protester opening fire at a Police Officers home while his wife and 10-yr old are there! So of course I’m not surprised to see headlines of more disrespectful animals tampering with Police Officers food. THIS totally disgusts me!

The wife of the Police Officer who wanted to remain anonymous posted this on social media…

“As they walked up to place their orders, the boys in the back cooking the food started yelling at them and calling them names,” the wife wrote about her husband’s trip to the Zaxby’s restaurant in Shelby.

She said her husband and his partner, who were both on duty and in their uniform, ignored the insults and continued ordering.

“Then, as they sat down to eat their food, my husband realized [they] had put the hottest sauce possible on [his] wings – to the point where his food wasn’t even fit to eat,” she continued.

The saddest thing is the interview with their Police Captain, Joel Shores. He seemed very saddened by the lack of respect given to Police Officers. He makes a great point saying that because it’s no longer a respected position, fewer and fewer are drawn to the thankless job. What will these neighborhoods who need police more than anyone do when we run out of these public servants?

“Years ago, this profession was respected, it was honored. Now to get ridiculed, to be a target, to possibly get shot at, for little pay… what’s the motivation to be a police officer other than do it because your heart’s in it to help the community?” Shores said.

Shores said it’s not about the taunting, that’s something they face every day.

“If you’re not ready to be ridiculed, law enforcement is not the job for you, especially in today’s world,” he said.

He wishes people would realize the actions of a few don’t speak for the entire law enforcement community.

“We don’t want to shoot no one. We don’t want to pepper spray. We don’t want to taser, that’s not what we wake up to do. We wake up to protect,” he said.

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