Liberals Are FREAKING OUT At What North Carolina High School Is Teaching Students Now – This Is Pure Genius!

Amen on a Wednesday morning!

New legislation has been introduced in North Carolina and it sets focus on a goal of giving high school students additional extracurricular class options. The new option?

Wait for it…


That’s right, they are looking to reign in what has been lost in many schools and that’s knowledge of self-reliance. Of course, there is a lot more that could be taught in schools that isn’t being taught in regards to self-reliance, but hey…this is an awesome start.

House Bill 612, was filed by Representative Jay Adams, and it’s geared towards giving the stateroom to develop a firearms education course and allow the class, this includes “firearms safety education as recommended by law enforcement agencies or a firearms association” which will be offered as an elective to high school students.

The course itself would be developed by the Board of Education there in North Carolina, and it’s already been decided that it would not allow for live ammunition to be used in the classroom. The class will also cover information like the history and mechanics of firearms, with a firm emphasis on the importance of gun safety.

Via Bearing Arms:

“I think education, first and foremost, is essential, before actually obtaining a firearm, Allen Shaw said.”

“If they have the opportunity to buy, they should have the opportunity to be educated,” Shaw said. “We’ve got too many people out there right now that are wanting to buy guns that don’t have any background with them.”

“It would be a very beneficial course, said Tres Cobb.”

“Handling, no. Teaching, you know, learning the mechanics, the designs, the many different firearms that there are, there’s nothing wrong with that, Isiah King said.”

Now, we live in a nation full of liberals soooo as expected they are whining and crying over the idea like the freaking sky is falling. There is sharp criticism hitting back at the bill because many of them think it will encourage students to become shooters.

Because someone who shoots up a place does it strictly because they had a class in gun safety. <—-that is sarcasm.

Here are some of the comments from the libtards on the matter…

“I think it would hurt and help. It’s kind of like a catch-22, said Tanica Wilkerson.”

“I don’t even see the point in that, Jenny Rorie said. I don’t think they should, there’s enough violence going on without them doing that.”

“I think high school is a little early, Wilkerson said. I think some of those kids are not ready for that type of environment, to be exposed to something like that. I don’t feel like they’re mature enough.”

High school is a little early? That way of thinking folks is how you raise a nation of sissy adults who rely on the government for everything because they can’t do anything. That’s NOT America…

Remember enemy nations being afraid to invade because behind every blade of grass was an American with a gun ready to defend? Now that’s America…

“Under federal law, citizens under the age of 21 cannot purchase handguns, however, 18 year-olds can purchase a shotgun or rifle – guns which would be a part of the proposed high school course. If passed, the course would be available in schools at the start of the 2017-2018 school year.”

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