North Carolina State Troopers Showed Up To NBA Game, And Received SICK Treatment From Team

In a shocking twist North Carolina Highway Patrol Honor Guard was turned away from a Spetrum Center Hornets game this past Thursday evening. This took place in Northodox Carolina. Ty Candler with WCNC reported on the incident.

The Honor Guard has presented with colors where they preceded to say the pledge allegiance on numerous other occasions without incident or issue. The new head of security refused to allow them in this time though. The officers were told they had to check their holstered weapons prior to entering the stadium.

There are new rules for the NBA against people entering their official arenas with firearms unless they are security personnel. However, the Honor Guard was there for the pledge of allegiance and nothing else. While the Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD always escorts the Honor Guard into the NBA building the head of security still refused to allow them in. Despite the fact this would have quelled any concerns security might have had about the firearms.

Unfortunately, this forced everyone to leave. This is yet another example where police officers and law enforcement officials are being forced to put their weapons away prior to entering an establishment. Or are turned away for having their guns on them. Organizations are labeling their discrimination against police officers as a misunderstanding. However, we all understand it is not a misunderstanding at all.

Something is very clear. These people lack common sense, they hate law enforcement officials, and the companies support refusing service to police officers and other uniformed officers. There is no excuse for any of that.

They deserve to be treated with respect. They out their life on the line every day to protect the very people who discriminate against them and refuse them service as well as entry into their establishments. It is utterly unacceptable.

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